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Hadley Fitzgerald has a private therapeutic practice as well as an astrological consulting practice in Sherman Oaks, California, near Los Angeles. She's been a professional astrologer for 40 years and a licensed psychotherapist for nearly 28 of those.

When an evolutionary perspective is combined with the insights of depth psychology, astrology reveals itself as a powerful, multi-layered symbol system that shows you how you can most productively embrace both shadow and light-how you can best walk your individual path with integrity and grace and thus live a deeper, more heartfelt, more richly soul-full life.

In Under One Sky, by Rafael Nasser, edited by Jodie Forrest, Hadley describes her approach to her work [reprinted with permission]: 

In his travels over the course of a remarkable life, the Greek writer and spiritual seeker Nikos Kazantzakis developed a wise and challenging perspective on our human existence. He saw every person as a one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable piece of the whole spirit of God. Therefore, he concluded, we should each think of ourselves as solely responsible for the salvation of the world, since, when one of us dies, the particular play of our unique being, of our particular heart-mind-and what it could do for humanity-is lost to the world forever. 






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Our sacred task in this life, then, as Kazantzakis saw it, is to plunge far enough into our own souls to find and free what he saw as "the endangered spirit of God" inside ourselves-i.e., to reflect on and become increasingly conscious of our purpose, our life path, in the world. Otherwise, the contributions we came here to make remain undeveloped, and the world is ever the less for that. In its best form, astrology is dedicated to exploring the soul and freeing the spirit….

Whether my client is in my office or on the phone, I'm always aware that I'm looking at several squiggles inside a wheel on a piece of paper. The challenge is to sift through the many possible layers of information available there until I can translate those symbols-and their patterns-in a way that has meaning and relevance for the individual's life. Before beginning a consultation, I sit with the chart and jot some notes about it; but there's always a point at which I pretty much put them aside because the soul begins to engage us both, and my central intention is to honor its agenda.

Each planetary symbol in a chart can connote a seeming variety of characteristics and experiences, but there will be a theme running through all of them. Your psyche registers the theme, and over the course of your lifetime "magnetizes" people and situations in the world in order to participate fully in "earthing" the archetypal energies that support that theme. These are profound, bigger-than-life principles that get squeezed down through our earth-tube/body and into this third-dimensional reality. The symbolic patterns on that piece of paper detail the ways in which we can decipher what James Hillman calls "the soul's code"-or free what Kazantzakis believes is the "endangered spirit of God" in ourselves. Whatever metaphor works best for you, I take very seriously the privilege I have in helping you translate it into real-life terms. 

In my professional practice, our personal contact and dialogue is essential to helping me best describe and understand how these archetypes speak through you-and about you. I don't need anything I say to be "true," so as we move through a session, finding the words and images that most deeply resonate is an integral part of our work together….

Where you are in the life cycle (you're likely to have at least slightly different concerns in your forties than in your twenties) and whether or not you've been in therapy and/or some other self-searching process that you found productive has some relevance, and during the course of the reading I listen for clues to understanding what you've done thus far with the configurations I see in the chart. My primary concern is that together we focus on the areas that have the most meaning for you so that you can go away from the session and apply the content of the consultation to your life.

I wear two professional hats: one as a psychotherapist and the other as an astrologer, though for the past ten years or so, parts of those hats have been more and more seamlessly woven together. Time and again in both types of consultations, though, our dialogue will occasion the speaking of a word or a sentence that triggers an image in my psyche-or pulls several images together. That often enables a deeper investigation of one or more links between the chart and your life experience. Depending on what happens next, the session can turn into something quite different than either of us had "expected" at the outset. On many occasions I've felt as if the archetypes almost literally popped into the room and helped us move the work along. 

I resist the old astrological language that suggests I know, and can now proceed to tell you, who you are and how you operate in the world. Such "telling" may exhibit a certain mastery, but it shows no reverence for the mystery of what we can discover together-neither does it honor the reflective capacity of the psyche. "Sometimes," notes the poet David Whyte, "everything has to be inscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you." 

For my own frame of reference, I do think of you as "a soul dressed up as 'So-and-so,'" and I tend to use language that distinguishes soul from ego. In working from a psycho-spiritual perspective, my therapist's brain is attentive to the psychological blocks that stand in the way of both earthly progress and spiritual evolution, and I see the compassionate dissolution of those obstacles as central to this work which I feel so blessed to do.

In any case, when "it" all merges in our time together, I'm mindful of what Quincy Jones says about the process of producing a work of musical art-that once all the best music has been written and all the best musicians have gathered to play it, "we still depend on God walkin' through the room…." My experience of the astrological art is no different.


In strange ways hard to know, gods come to men.
Many a thing past hope they have fulfilled.
And what was looked for went another way.
A path we never thought to tread was found for us.
So has this come to pass.



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